I will make a concept art/illustration for personal use or even ur ongoing projects

Hi! I'm a Concept Artist and Illustration with a Game Designer education. The hallmark of my background concept art is the contrast between warm tones and cool tones with sharp lighting. Even so I can also adjust using bright and fun colors. I will create a Concept Art based on your reqruitments. My work may include mattepainting, photobashing or freehand painting. PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING Note - I'm a generalist artist who love to learn and analyze new style. Although in general my drawing style is influenced by anime, manga and manhwa. - I have the right to use all my artwork for other media - Don't hesitate to ask me anything first before placing your order, if you have no idea we can solve it together so please contact me before.

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Untuk I will make a concept art/illustration for personal use or even ur ongoing projects

  • 1. asking about ur concept, if u give me some a detailed concept i would really appreciate itヾ(≧▽≦*)o
  • 2. Start sketching and making some exploration sketches
Basic Anime/Manhwa Sketchy Style
Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

Medium level of details with Greyscale Sketch with anime/manhwa style One Bust Up/HalfBody/Full Body (Different Prices) ♦️ revision 1x ♦️ 300dpi ♦️ Square/Wallpaper ♦️ PNG/JPG ♦️ Color ♦️ No BG

Colored Anime/Manhwa Style with basic Lighting
Waktu pengerjaan 4 hari

One Bust Up/HalfBody/Full Body (Different Prices)♦️ 300dpi ♦️ Square/Wallpaper ♦️ PNG/JPG ♦️ Color ♦️ No BG♦️revision 1x

Full Color Concept Art/Illustration
Waktu pengerjaan 7 hari

Concept art include Background, Character, Rendering ♦️ 300dpi ♦️ PNG/JPG files ♦️ Simple background ♦️revision 2x


Seorang illustrator dan concept artist baik kebutuhan game, animasi maupun film. Sebagai seorang generalist, mampu dalam bereksplorasi dengan berbagai style secara SOP.

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