Instagram and Facebook Ads Specialist For Business

Need to boost your business through Instagram and Facebook? Get to know about newest Instagram and Facebook Ads strategy with me! Services included: 1. Campaign test 2. Audience building 3. Caption (if needed) 4. UTM building for better report (for landing page target URL only) 5. Custom Audience building 6. FB Pixel Installation (custom conversions and custom events included) 7. Ads placement 8. Ad group management 9. Reporting and evaluation KPI: 1. Result (Initiate checkout, Lead, Subscription, etc) 2. CPR (Cost per Result) 3. Reach (based on goal) 4. ROAS (Return on Ad Spent - only with Facebook Pixel)

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Untuk Instagram and Facebook Ads Specialist For Business

  • 1. Provide Brief (Ads creative, Goal, dst) dan DP
  • 2. Pemasangan Facebook Pixel
Total IG&FB Ads Solution (Non E-Commerce)
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Service Included: 1. Ads setting 2. Advanced custom audience (Pixel based, engagement + look alike) 3. Advanced ads creation (Audience targeting, audience exclusion, location targeting) 4. Advanced pixel installation (custom conversion) 5. Advanced report (breakdown, FB analytics report, Google Analytics report - if any) 6. UTM implementation 7. Caption (if needed) 8. Report Extra: Ads consulting and strategy, ads sequencing, multiple ads goal implementation, customer match, CPR consultation

FB/IG Ads For E-commerce (CPAS included)
Waktu pengerjaan 30 hari

Struggling with your e-commerce marketing? Let me help for you! Service included: 1. Catalogue pixel solution (no coding included) 2. Product segment for target market 3. Audience segmentation 4. Dynamic remarketing 5. Copywriting and ads plan ideas 6. Product level report (using Google analytics or FB Catalogue report) 7. Offline conversions upload 8. Monthly report KPI: 1. ROAS and Purchase Quantity

Business Manager Technical Configuration
Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

[Configuration with Google Tag Manager Only!] Service included: 1. Pixel Base Instalation 2. Valuable event tracking 3. Custom conversions building 4. Audience building 5. Aggregated Event Measurement configuration 6. Business Manager configuration 7. Catalogue integration (for e-commerce) No ads service included :)


Professional certified Digital Marketer. Specialized on Social Media Strategy, SEM, SEO, and Digital Advertising. Currently working at Creative Agency as Digital Marketing Specialist

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