Google Ads Search and Display (SEM) Optimization - Consulting - Evaluating

Struggling with your Google Ads Search or Display result? I can help to increase your Google Ads conversions! Service available: 1. Keyword research (variation, max bid, competition, negative keywords) 2. Ads optimization (copywriting, extensions, quality scores) 3. Conversion tag installation (through GTM - Google Tag Manager) 4. Automatic rules installation 5. Google Data Studio easy dynamic ad reporting 6. Targeting research 7. Custom remarketing building (through Google Analytics or Google Ads Remarketing features) 8. Auction insights 9. Google Display Ads 10. Budget Scalling Any questions? Feel free to ask! KPI: 1. CTR 2. Quality Scores 3. Conversion Rate (discuss with web developer, not available for direct contact) 4. Cost per conversions

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Untuk Google Ads Search and Display (SEM) Optimization - Consulting - Evaluating

  • 1. DP dan Brief Project
  • 2. Proses Research Keywords
Display + Search Combination Google Ads (non B2B or E-commerce)
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Google Ads complete service for general business. Service included: 1. SEM and display (can be subituted with FB Ads) 2. Conversion tracking 3. Funnel analysis 4. Audience segmentation 5. Retargeting 6. Google analytics setup and integration with Google Ads 7. Custom audience creation 8. Ads planning and copywriting 9. Keyword research

Google Ads For B2B and Lead Magnet
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Google ads sercive special customized for B2B strategy Service included: 1. Landing page and Lead Magnet structure concept (no building!) 2. Funnel analysis 3. Conversion tracking 4. Audience segmentation 5. Ads planning (display + search) 6. Monthly report 7. Retargeting and ads personalization


Professional certified Digital Marketer. Specialized on Social Media Strategy, SEM, SEO, and Digital Advertising. Currently working at Creative Agency as Digital Marketing Specialist

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