Mandarin-English-Indonesia General Text Translation (中文-英文-印尼文普通文件翻译)

1. 2-3 days work time, can be faster in weekend 2. Didn't accept legal documents (such as ID Card, Certificate, dll) 3. Client must provide clear brief, if it isn't I will do with my own will 4. Open for negotiation, just reach me through the Fiverr chat feature. 5. We are temporarily limited on text translation only 6. 2x24 hours revision request, didn't accept any of it if exceeded 1. 2-3天之内做期,周末能更快 2. 不接受法律文件(身份证,护照,凭证,等等) 3. 客户需要提供清楚的小结。如果没有的话,是完全由本人做法 4. 能讨价还价,就直接通过Fiverr的消息设备 5. 现在暂时仅限于文件翻译而已 6. 2x24 个小时修改要求,过期以后就没有了

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Untuk Mandarin-English-Indonesia General Text Translation (中文-英文-印尼文普通文件翻译)

  • 1. Provide the draft to be translated
  • 2. Tell me the clear information about the deadline and language
General Translation 普通文件翻译
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File in the .docx format, 2x revision chance. So, please cooperate for checking the results Translate any general document such as essay, article, general documents, etc 用 .docx 文件版式,2次修改机会 可以翻译普通的一些文件类型:文章,文件,博主内容 等等

Content Translation 内容翻译
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File in docx format. Translate any content based text such as blog text or corporation copywriting text. 2x revision chance. Please give a clear brief for working efficiency 用 .docx 文件版式,2次修改机会 可以翻译内容的一些文件类型:博主文章,社交媒体内容,文案,公司简单介绍 等等


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