Arc Flash Studies

Arc Flash Studies - An arc flash is a phenomena in which an electric current flashes over and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to ground, instead of following its planned route. When a person is in close proximity to an arc flash, the repercussions can be violent and can even be fatal. Numerous factors, including as dust, tool drops, unintentional touching, condensation, material failure, corrosion, and poor installation, can result in arc flash. The proximity of the worker to the danger, the temperature, the fault current, and the time it takes for the circuit to break are the parameters that define how serious an arc flash injury is. Finding and analyzing high risk arc flash regions in your electrical system is the primary goal of an arc flash analysis. Aims of Arc Flash Studies • MV and LV switchgear maximum incident energy determination Depending on the arc fault current and fault clearing time • To determine the Arc flash boundary limit. • To identify the risk/hazard category • To advise on appropriate PPE for workers' safety. • To create appropriate warning and risk labels.

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  • 1. Collection of inputs (SLD, equipment parameters – Voltage kV rating, Power MVA rating, Impedance, System fault level, X/R ratio, protection settings).
  • 2. Check the electrode configuration of the panel based on IEEE 1584 such as VCB, VCBB, HCB, VOA, HOA
Arc Flash Complete Study
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1. Single Line Diagram 2. Arc Flash Report 3. Danger and Warning Label


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