Palembang Tour Guide & Sourcing Agent


Fair Morning, Everyone :-) Since the year 2007 it has been my pride and joy to be one of the few English-speaking tour guides in my hometown; the Palembang Municipality of South Sumatera Province, Indonesia. People tend to perceive that tour-guiding is mostly --or even merely-- what it sounds like:-). Yet there are equally-challenging behind-the-scene works that I enjoy doing just as much, namely undertaking pre-arrival surveys and composing-submitting narrative reports --incuding budget-reviewing. On certain occassions it had been inevitable for me to work as a fixer; a challenge I always welcome as much as allowed by destiny's variables --though I'm not sure that I find the term's connotation to my liking :-) It is a delight for me to assist my clients in planning their tour like Squidward does --whether or not they will tour the plan like Spongebob would :-)

Langkah PekerjaanUntuk Palembang Tour Guide & Sourcing Agent

  • 1. Book my service from our favorite platform, and generate the consequent financial resource in its entirety (a process in which you will be guided should it be a technical necessity:-)
  • 2. Allow me the time (as agreed) to perform the task(s) as expected. The completion of my work is guaranteed by the fact that will not disburse my payment prior to your confirmation on the conclusion of the project/ work/ job:-)

Harga paket untuk Palembang Tour Guide & Sourcing Agent

Palembang Tour Guide & Travel Companion (Pemandu Wisata & Pendamping Perjalanan di Palembang)

Rp500,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Per day tour-guiding service in Palembang City (including as tourism-related English Tutor in Palembang), for a maximum hour-count of 12. Arrangeable tours within my scope of services: 1. Ancient-History Tour; 2. Colonial-History Tour; 3. Malayan-culture Tour (incl. culinary-heritage); 4. On-field research/ study/ surveillance; 5. Religion and Spirituality-related Tour; 6. Social-Interest and Charity Tour, and others. Whether or not you will later hire my service; consulting is always free:-)

English Interpreter in Palembang (Jurubahasa Lisan/ Penerjemah Verbal di Palembang)

Rp850,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Per-day interpreting service from Bahasa Indonesia to the English Language and vice versa. Counted as a duration of minimum 3 hours and maximum 8. I am capable of performing either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting. With adjustable speech-speed, my International-English dialect (as assessed by a former client from New Zealand:-) allows for maximum listening-comprehension by the audience. I can travel should you require the service outside of Palembang.

English Translator in Palembang (Penerjemah Dokumen Bahasa Inggris di Palembang)

Rp50,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Proofreading (and request-based lexicon-enhancing) are my strong points in translating written-materials; a perk from my love for reading:-). Result from my work in translating document is counted as a minimum output of 1 page (configured in 2x2x2x2 centimeter margins; 1.15 spacing without spaces before and after paragraph; A4 paper-size with all-sized -11 Tahoma font; approximate word count 400). Discount; every 11th page is translated for free (given as bonus:-)

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