Contract Drafting & Legal Consultation - High Quality Professional Service

In the high quality contract drafting to its finalising process requires a professional legal/contract management skill (including precise preliminary consultation result with the client, clear communication verbally & in the contract, to maintain the process lead time, balancing commercial-legal terms, to put helicopter view perspective in the contract/legal product to avoid any risk loop hole and perfect work result for achieving client satisfaction). As an experienced lawyer-legal consultant in a well known law firm in Indonesia and some leading multinational companies with various business industries, you can trust my service expertise to handle your needs for legal-business contract and legal product certainty with capability to ensure all compliance and policy awareness maintained in line with your interest. Our core practice area are: 1. Corporate-merger & acquisition; 2. Real estate & property; 3. Trading-products/services; 4. Telecommunication; 5. IPR.

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Untuk Contract Drafting & Legal Consultation - High Quality Professional Service

  • 1. Short brief for legal issue or commercial needs verbally (with regards to fastwork's approval) or in a note from client and sign-deliver back the Service Engagement Order provided by the consultant (with the agreed SOW & service fee ).
  • 2. Deliver any relevant document from client for preliminary review (if required).
QUICK LEGAL DRAFTING - Contract & Various Legal Documents
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Legal drafting service: 1. Contract-general (service/product procurement, construction, employment-PKWT/PKWTT/PKB, IPR license, prenuptial, etc.) / commercial agreement (CSPA-PPJB, SPA-AJB, lease, partnership, loan, etc.) / MoU / NDA; 2. Legal document (simple legal opinion, executive summary, PoA-surat kuasa, statement letter-pernyataan, etc.); 3. Legal correspondence (notice letter, warning letter-somasi, letter of intent, etc.); 4. Court/arbitration procedure (civil claim/arbitration file).

SWIFT LEGAL CONSULTATION - Legal Strategy & Alternative Dispute Resolution
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

High quality legal consultation service scopes/hour: 1. General Dispute (general service/product trading, retail distribution, arbitration, etc.); 2. Real estate & property issue (land due diligence, land/housing/apartment, SPU-PPJB-AJB, certificate, title base-alas hak girik/petuk pb/eigendom/verponding eu, lease, construction, IMB, etc.); 3. Corporate/company law; 4. Industrial relation; 5. Telecommunication; 6. Finance & banking; 7. IPR (patent/copyright/trademark-brand, etc.).

Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Various business licenses/recommendations preliminary works (business license application preparation to submission only). Any other requirements shall in accordance with fastwork's permission.


I am highly skilled in handling legal, commercial and contract management with capability to ensure all business compliance and policy awareness maintained properly, also experienced to liaise with public notaries or government officials, lawyers/advocates for litigation and non-litigation dispute.

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