Herta's Translation (INDO-ENG)

(PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER) Translations work can be exhausting, but worry no more! My teams and I are here for you to do the translations! We'll point your copywriting accurately and avoid misleading your translated writing! We provide English to Bahasa Indonesia (or vice versa) translations. We handle academic writings and papers, college essays, website landing pages, copywriting, and captions for personal posts or business. Also, open to a commission for transcribing videos and making the subtitle out of them.

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  • 1. Please kindly message me before placing an order (Mohon menghubungi saya terlebih dahulu sebelum melakukan pemesanan)
  • 2. Please send me the document that will be translated (Silakan kirim dokumen yang akan diterjemahkan)
Single Page Document
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

- One-page translations or writings. - Up to 500 words Example: Abstract, Manuscript, Contract

Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

Documents, Reports, Articles, Textbooks

Video Transcribing/Subtitling
Waktu pengerjaan 1 hari

Video translation and/or transcription. Choose your desirable format: 1. Closed captions (CC)* 2. Open captions** 3. Transcript only *CC: subtitle wired to the video **Open captions: subtitle in .srt format, can be toggled on/off during video playback Rate: 1. First 140 sec: 72k 2. Every 150-second addition: +36k Note: You can choose several formats with additional price


Hi! I am Bagas, a 24-year-old boy will do everything for a job. I am able to do almost everything: translating, photographing, voice-over, video editing, designing, singing, and many more! Feel free to chat with me :)

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