Translate English to Indonesia and Vice Versa (Terjemah Inggris ke Indonesia dan Sebaliknya)

Are you looking for a reliable translation? Hello, I am Jean, a native Indonesian. I am proficient in both Indonesian and English. I have a C2 level of English. During my tenure in the travel industry, I've worked as a professor assistant for 2 years. I've proofread and translated countless various documents. My expertise is in social science journals and subtitling. Any kind of text is welcome! ┈┈┈┈․° ☣ °․┈┈┈┈ Translation areas: ➢ Article ➢ Abstract ➢ Books (Fiction/ Fairytale) ➢ CV/Resume (Personal Document) ➢ Social Science Journal ➢ Song/Lyrics Video ➢ Thesis (Or Mini Thesis) ➢ Video subtitle ➢ Etc Kindly please contact me first beforehand! For being a moderator or translator during a webinar, please kindly send me a message of the schedule!

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Untuk Translate English to Indonesia and Vice Versa (Terjemah Inggris ke Indonesia dan Sebaliknya)

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Up to 1000 Words! For simple translation such as CV, Resume, Abstract, or even Articles. Include: Proofreading only

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Up to 2500 words! Or 3 Minutes of Video! Includes: - Proofreading - Document formatting - Language style guide

Waktu pengerjaan 3 hari

Up to 5000 words! Or 7 Minutes of video! For Social Science Journal, Thesis, Book, Fairytales, Video. Includes: - Proofreading - Document Formatting - Language Style Guide - Transcription - Subtitling


Hello, I'm Jean! I've been translating videos for about 2 years. I've been working in the travel industry since 2015, season with 6 years of experience in customer engagement makes me capable of following the instruction accurately and reliably. Any tasks are welcome as long as they are legal!

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