Digital Illustration For Book

First i will sketch illustration alternatif to choose. After that i will continue coloring. So please sure that the sketch you have choose correct in all detail, if any request, you can ask me. Revision 3 times. Thank u :)

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Untuk Digital Illustration For Book

  • 1. First i'll send you the sketches
  • 2. After you approve the sketch, i'll continue with your choose one.
Waktu pengerjaan 10 hari

Maximum 10 days from the Brief send to me. Alternative Sketches will be send to your in Thumbnail size. Finishing Illustration will send to you in Hi-Res file (300 dpi). Ask me anything if you need some request :)


Have experiences as Illustrator and Graphic Designer for 16 years. A lot of create illustration for books and freelance.

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