System Analyst - Flow Chart Business Process, User Journey, etc

I was a System Analyst for 1 year in Blockchain System Pioneer IT & Service Company in Indonesia. I can provide a service that related to translating business requirement to flow chart and process to be more understandable for developer.

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Untuk System Analyst - Flow Chart Business Process, User Journey, etc

  • 1. Get requirement details of the web system or application system that want to be made. This details including description of system, goals of systems, business process of the system, user of systems, how user interact and what user can get from the system, etc.
  • 2. Make iteration 1 of business process of the system and user journey of each user.
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Business process and user journey in format or PNG format. Mockup design is need more cost than the price mention in this page.


I have experiences as researcher in Management Consulting Company and as a System Analyst and Project Manager in IT Consulting Company.

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