Logo Design and Brand Identity

This is your initial step for the business, have a logo and identity. Branding helps to connect every aspect of your business. It also creates a form, a template, that makes your identity absolute and cohesive. Our Clients : - Oh-Bla-Da Jakarta (Logo Design) - Rantang by Atlas (Logo Design) - Yeobi Hansik (Logo and Brand Identity) For further information please visit our website : https://principalcreative.co

Langkah Pekerjaan

Untuk Logo Design and Brand Identity

  • 1. Memberikan moodboard referensi untuk design logo dari brand guideline yang dimiliki oleh client.
  • 2. Memberikan 3 sketsa logo design.
Waktu pengerjaan 20 hari

File vector logo dengan branding guideline, file JPG dan PNG logo.


We are creative design agency who aims to help your business in the most creative and interesting way. At Principal, we believe everything has to be well-designed in order to achieve your goals.

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