Professional Drafter (AutoCAD, ArcGIS, CorelDraw)

You don't have much time for drawing? make a map from your job? digitizing your map? need 2D or 3D design from your sketch? Congratulation you've found the solution for those problems. I Can help do it for you, with the lowest price and best result. Even if I can do some jobs for technical purpose like I said before, also i can do a drawing/graphic design for you, using CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, or MS. Power Point. Let's negotiate it, and Let I do that job for you.

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Untuk Professional Drafter (AutoCAD, ArcGIS, CorelDraw)

  • 1. Sketch / Details From Client Order
  • 2. Negotiate (Price and Duration)
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My skill is very match for multitask engineer that have to do many jobs with a limit of time. They can delegate the job about CAD Drafting (2D or 3D Modelling), Drawing a Map, or just digitize a Map in AutoCAD or ArcGIS. Also I can support their job to entry and process the data. Regards, Rakki.ID

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