Strategic Product Planning and Design Services


Are you ready to transform your vision into a market-ready product? Look no further. With over 2 years of professional experience as a seasoned Product Manager, I offer end-to-end strategic product planning and design solutions that lay the foundation for your product's success. What I Offer: - Comprehensive Product Requirement Documents: I meticulously craft clear, detailed, and actionable product requirement documents that serve as the blueprint for your product's development. From user stories to functional specifications, I ensure that every aspect is covered to guide your development team effectively. - Innovative Low-Fidelity Mockups: My expertise extends to creating low-fidelity mockups that bring your product's concept to life. These visual prototypes provide a tangible representation of your ideas, facilitating a shared understanding among stakeholders and enabling iterative refinement. Feel free to contact me for my portofolios ;)

Langkah PekerjaanUntuk Strategic Product Planning and Design Services

  • 1. Discovery and Initial Consultation
  • 2. Requirement Gathering

Harga paket untuk Strategic Product Planning and Design Services

Basic Package: Essentials for a Strong Start

Rp500,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 3 hari

1) Comprehensive Product Requirement Document (PRD) 2) 1 Low-Fidelity Mockup 3) 1 Round of Feedback and Revisions 4) Email Support

Standard Package: Guided Product Development

Rp1,3 jt
Waktu pengerjaan 5 hari

1) Detailed Product Requirement Document (PRD) 2) 2-3 Low-Fidelity Mockups (Different Screens or Views) 3) 2 Rounds of Feedback and Revisions 4) User-Centric Analysis and Recommendations 5) Agile Roadmapping for Iterative Development 6) Email and Chat Support

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