Windows / Mac / Linux Development Expert .NET,C#,MAUI,Xamarin,WPF,WinForms,VC++,MFC,C++,VB,Java


✅ Hello there! My name is Yohanim. My main goal is to provide you with our expertise, skills, and technical knowledge so that your project requirements and priorities are always met, and the project is delivered perfectly and just in time. If any questions arise - please feel free to touch base with me. ✅ What do we do? We provides professional services in areas of IoT, electronic design, embedded systems, kernel and driver development, system and application software development, computer vision, and robotics. ✅ Why choose us? - Reliable electronic design team - All kind of embedded software development - Full-stack software development capability - Dedicated project management - Effective testing techniques - Expected delivery - Support and maintenance - Privacy security ✅ How do we cooperate? - Project-based outsourcing - Dedicated development team - Research & development - Technology consulting - Solutions for startups ✅ Industries we work with • IoT/consumer devices • Smart Home • Wearables • Industry • Healthcare • Sports • Entertainment

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Untuk Windows / Mac / Linux Development Expert .NET,C#,MAUI,Xamarin,WPF,WinForms,VC++,MFC,C++,VB,Java

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Windows / Linux / Mac Desktop, Embedded, Industrial Software Development499,999 Rb
Waktu pengerjaan 7 hari

✅ Desktop Applications Development (Crosspaltform/Native) Languages: • C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, Objective-C, Swift Platforms: • Windows, Linux, Mac Frameworks: • Qt, .NET, GTK+, Tools/IDEs: • CMake, qmake, Make, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse Network protocols: • MQTT, RestAPI, TCP and UDP based, etc.

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Computer Vision, Cloud Software Development999,999 Rb
Waktu pengerjaan 5 hari

✅ Computer Vision (Object detection, Video Analysis) Languages: • C++, Python Frameworks: • OpenCV, TensorFlow, Caffe, Caffe2, FFmpeg, DirectShow, OpenALPR, Tesseract Applications: • Image segmentation • Object detection • Object recognition • Object tracking • Feature extraction • Feature and color correction • Face detection • Image stitching ✅ Cloud software development: • AWS • Azure • Google cloud • Dashboards • Web apps • Metrics • Telemetry

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Kernel, Driver, Embedeed Software Development1,5 Jt
Waktu pengerjaan 5 hari

✅ Kernel and Driver Development: • Windows • Linux • Mac • Android Driver types: • Kernel-mode • User-mode • Virtual device drivers ✅ Embedded Software Development: • Firmware • Board Support Package (BSP) Tools: • Visual GDB • Eclipse • Keil • IAR • CrossWorks IDE • Simplicity Studio • Code Composer Studio • Atmel Studio • STM32CubeIDE Languages: • C/C++, Assembler Real-time OSs: • FreeRTOS • Zephyr • ThreadX • NuttX

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