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We are an award-winning creative artist with a proven ability to develop projects from inception through production to final delivery. We ensure that the work is effective, appropriate and delivered within agreed timescales. Our fields of expertise are ✅ Logo design, ✅ Brand guidelines, ✅ Comprehensive brand books, ✅ Print media and packaging. ✅ Social Media ✅ Info Graphic ✅ Cad Drawing ✅ Photoshop ✅ Presentation ✅ Resume / CV ✅ 3D & Perspective ✅ Digital Printing ✅ Art and Illustration ✅ Line Sticker ✅ T-Shirt Design and Motif ✅ Character Design ✅ Product Photography Specialized in: ■ branding/strategy    ■ iconography ■ illustration ■ tutoring and consulting for aspiring creatives and business owners Tools: ■ Figma ■ Adobe Xd Experience Design   ■ Illustrator    ■ Photoshop We are driven by the words : - “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

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Untuk Creative Designer: Logo Design | Branding | Social Media | Product Design | Icon

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✅ Revision Major 1x ✅ Revision Minor 2x ✅ Following your design reference

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✅ Revision Major 3x ✅ Revision Minor 5x ✅ Build from scratch ✅ Get raw file

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✅ Revision Major 5x ✅ Revision Minor 10x ✅ Build from scratch ✅ Get raw file ✅ Design Test ✅ Compatibility Test ✅ Multiple Device Screen Test ✅ User Acceptance Test ✅ Prototyping / Mockup


I'm Googler that currently working remotely at Google (GCP) UK, based on SG. A Google Developer Expert 2016 in Android with a focus on the Android Java SDK/ C++ NDK + Kotlin. Currently building Digital Foundry team @Jakarta. We are a small team of talented web designers & developers but big impact!

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