Web / Front-end / Back-end / Full-Stack Expert Wordpress,Wix,Shopify,Angular,React,Vue,Node,JS,HTML

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Our service is web-based software development specially designed for all our customer from novices and experienced who want to plan and write their business without the hassles of clunky word processors and complex IT technology. Dedicated web developers and designers can take your business to the next level. Stunning UI/UX design, modern and innovative, 100% satisfaction, well experienced team make us the rockstar on this field. Front-end Engineering : ✅ User friendly UX ✅ HTML5 Markups ✅ Animations and transforms of CSS3 ✅ Cross browser compatible applications ✅ Hands on jQuery effects ✅ Powerful knowledge of JavaScript and their frameworks ✅ Gaming consoles with latest web techniques Customized web development : ✅ Front-end engineering ✅ Back-end implementation ✅ Complex designs ✅ Web portals with multiple functionalities ✅ Customized Software ✅ Customized CRM applications And many more, Get in touch with us now!

Langkah PekerjaanUntuk Web / Front-end / Back-end / Full-Stack Expert Wordpress,Wix,Shopify,Angular,React,Vue,Node,JS,HTML

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Harga paket untuk Web / Front-end / Back-end / Full-Stack Expert Wordpress,Wix,Shopify,Angular,React,Vue,Node,JS,HTML

DevOps and Back-end Developer (Golang, Ruby on Rails, Clojure) (Pro Development Kit / Package)

Rp999,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

Tech stack : 1. Golang. Development of backend and API servers; tools, utilities; integration with blockchains (Ethereum, EOS). 2. Ruby. Development of backend and API servers with Ruby on Rails; custom gems. 3. Clojure. Development of API servers; tools and utilities on ClojureScript. 4. React and Redux for the frontend. 5. PostgreSQL or MongoDB. 6, Deployment on AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or any other VPS. 7. Docker and Docker Compose for deployments. 8. Kubernetes *Price per module

Front-end Developer / Engineer Expert for Web Application (Basic - Standard Development Kit / Package)

Rp499,0 rb
Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

What you get 1. HTML, HTML5, css3. 2. Javascript, jquery, Ajax, Websockets. 3. Framework: Bootstrap. for Small project we will use Wordpress, for large project we will use Laravel. Ps. Doesn't include Back-End / REST API. We only convert your design to apps. Its required UI Designer / UX Expert package for this job. T&C 1. Price & man-days per page / module 2. Price starting from basic development package IDR 99,999

Full-stack Web Development Expert (Premium Development Kit / Package)

Rp1,4 jt
Waktu pengerjaan 2 hari

What you get 1. System architecture : 2 / 3 Tier 2. Database Relational (MySQL/PgSQL/Oracle 11G/MsSQL/SQLite) 3. NoSQL: MongoDB, Memcache, Memcached, Redis. 4. Back-end (PHP, ASPX-C#, ASPX-VBX, GOLANG, PYTHON/RUBY/NODE) 5. Front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery) 6. Framework : Yii, CI, Laravel, Wordpress 7. Web servers: Nginx, Apache. 8. Load Balancer: Nginx 9. Caching: Memcache, Memcached, Redis, Nginx, Apc, Xcache 10. Search engine: Sphinx T&C 1. Price & man-days for per page / module

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