Analisis dan Eksplorasi Data Bisnis/Riset Anda (Excel/Google Spreadsheet/Python)

I will take an existing spreadsheet and modify it to your liking. I can create a random sample of your data within the spreadsheet. I can also add new columns, complex formulas, or organize the existing data. I know how important spreadsheets are for businesses, and I am very skilled at using Excel.

Langkah Pekerjaan

Untuk Analisis dan Eksplorasi Data Bisnis/Riset Anda (Excel/Google Spreadsheet/Python)

  • 1. Short call to better understand your business and aspiration from this analysis
  • 2. Will deliver a short presentation to you on the insights I obtained from analyzing the data
Waktu pengerjaan 5 hari

1. An updated excel file or spreadsheets 2. 1 Google Slide Powerpoint on the insights/business recommendation 3. Follow up discussion whenever necessary


I am currently a full time analyst at one of the biggest bank in the world. I have gone to graduate school in Business Analytics where I strengthened my skills to solve real world data problems and tell a descriptive, beautiful stories with data.

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